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Prioritizing Floods, Shoes and Presidents

Peace everyone.

This write-up summarizes the present state of affairs in Pakistan, and also touches ‘popular’ vs ‘important’ aspects of our current dilemma.

During the past week, I couldn’t help notice the extreme focus given to our Presidents ‘diplomatic’ visit to the UK. ‘Half of Pakistan’ (a few paid cronies in govt. and some street chalkers with black spray) is busy trying to prove that it was a success and NOTHING  intriguing happened there, while the other ‘half’ (the masala media) is staking its reputation to prove that the biggest crony of Pakistan got two shoes thrown at him during his UK address.

Before we get to the real topic of this article- it is important to clarify the ‘shoe issue’, as people probably wont take heed of the real call to action today, unless they find out ‘kya joota tha kay nai’. Needless to say, the president , his UK visit, his evasion capabilities and all else associated with him is only good for one thing-  distraction from issues at hand.

Separating fact from fiction, in no more than three videos. the first one shows the exact angle and trajectory of the throws(photos), and the quick evasive maneuvers, courtesy Reuters. Therefore, our information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira can go shove his ‘mis-information’ crap where the sun don’t shine.

The Matrix President- Starring the good looking UKP

This second video is a complete interview of the patriot who had the nerve to do the deed – the entire nation is really disappointed with him – as he missed twice. Shameem Khan – in action.

Shameem Khan on ‘Why I throw shoes at Presidents’

The third video shows just how popular zardari’s everyday addresses are, wherein he has to stop his speeches to tell people to ‘shut up’ while he feeds them bull-crap.

This is Awaam ka President speeching- So SHUTaaaaP !

The only thing  people can really do about zardari is ignore him while hes around, and know that everything coming out of him is a lie and a ruse. Counter his actions, not his propaganda. Reverse his deals, imprison his cronies, he is immune, they are not. Make his plans fail in his face. Stop trying to humiliate him, it doesn’t work.

The Real issue for Pakistan

The NWFP flood - Natural Disaster -or latest WMD

A small minority of people in Pakistan feel that the real issue right now is the NWFP flood – and saving the 20 million people affected by it. right now relief efforts are set at providing food and water as basic necessities. as usual, our international beggars are seeing this as another opportunity to embezzle more n more, in the name of helping innocents who are getting little of what is donated, other than the efforts being done by the air force, the only entity capable of actually getting supplies over a landless region.

People are giving away their clothes and various other medical items – which are practically useless in the middle of a sea thats pretty much drowning everything. people need food, drinking water and rescue teams, not expensive water purification sachets and your last pair of gucci shoes. The only secondary items needed other than food and water are tents, which no one is focusing on.

Lastly, as usual, most of us are just donating CASH that almost never makes it to the right people at the right time. so in short, we’re promoting more embezzlement via our relief efforts. The real deal is to get into the action, focus more on getting supplies to the army/the actual location rather than donating our circumcised skins and money over to BS parties and thinking our good deed is done.

Now lets come to the real issue- yes, the flood itself is NOT the real issue. What caused it is far more important.

A multitude of analysts across the globe believe that the NWFP flood is a direct result of HAARP weather intervention – in dummy terms, it was MADE to happen by a ‘research facility’ in Alaska, under charter of the pentagon and the NSA since the 1980s.

HAARP is a radiowave frequency technology that has now been perfected to create natural weather disasters globally via satellite reflection of radiowave signals that are stronger than a billion watts. Details given in given link below. It back-dates to earthquakes in China in 2005, tsunamis, hurricanes and several other natural disasters during the past five years, none of which have had natural pre-occurrences(symptoms seen prior to disasters happening). In case of the NWFP flood, here are some simple facts to ponder:

1. the Weather forecast associations of Pakistan, US/UK or any other damn country NEVER predicted this flood. We get rain warnings weeks before they happen via the internet today, WTF happened this time?

2. NWFP hardly has any rivers, most of  its land is water starved, there has NEVER been a natural flood there during the last 100 years.

3. The temperature scales/history of their mountainous regions do not justify the ‘natural’ glacier melt depicted by the media.

4. The US army has been wanting to ‘flush’ the NWFP area esp. since they intend to move out of Afghanistan soon. No better way to do it than a natural disaster.

So, how exactly did 20 million (12%) of Pakistan’s people get engulfed in water without even a single weather warning from the entire globe?how did this happen?

Read all about it at the given link. Another separate blog on HAARP/possible counter-action next week.

z ‘compromizes’ US National Security – ‘Counter-terrorism at its best’

US military killing iraqi civiliansPeace everyone.

Just found a ‘US national security threat’ at, sharing it with you. The video below was taken in Iraq, 2007, and has been leaked from US military sources recently to wikileaks, a free journalism website that does not disclose its contributors (makes you wonder how the military found out about the leak source). US pentagon officials have claimed that publishing this video is a threat to US national security – while the act committed in this video is not.

Take a good look at it- and then read the inferences. They compare US propagandist perceptions (and those of the people pulling its strings) to factual representations of frequently abused terminologies. Once again- it is imperative to understand that what has been done in the video is NOT the will of the entire US masses- just a few people in power.

The US people need to rise to the occasion and REMOVE such elements from military/civilian authority that allow/cover and continue such rampant disrespect for human life globally.

The Video that ‘Compromises US National Security’

National Security

Actual - National security implies the level of safety prevalent within a region/nation as a result of its defense/internal regulation policies. it is a DEFENSIVE concept. Keeping moral values in focus – all actions taken under this veil by a nation should not, in any manner, undermine the security of fellow human states. Because if this is done – you end up creating a precedent to a threat to national security itself, much like the soldiers in this video have done. Killing innocents will always spark retaliation, and such retaliation is an act of defense, not terrorism, as it is a response to violence, and not an initiation of it.

US Propagandist- Wikipedia defines it as “the requirement to maintain the survival of the nation-state through the use of economic, military and political power and the exercise of diplomacy“. There is NO criteria for validity of any action taken in the name of national security. it is a ruse which can be used to justify anything you do, when you have no other alternative. A brigadier can bang his neighbors wife and his daughter simultaneously, n later call it a ‘matter of national security’ and get away with the action being labeled  as ‘patriotic’.

Ensuring national security over international relations

Actual – there are two norms for maintaining any kind of defense.

1. Strength and Endurance

Any entity looking to survive should be as economically stable as possible, and its reliance on third parties should be at a minimum. It should have the military might to fend off any attack, and make hyenas think twice about engaging it.

2. Reconciliation- confrontation only as a response

Once it has these 2 things – it should make sure that it uses them for reconciliation and not confrontation. Use of force as an initiation always results in a reaction, sometimes greater than your capacity to withstand it. Therefore, by the law of nature, use of force should only be in retaliation, and not initiation – that is the only way to ensure peace. Furthermore, it should be directed with precision at perpetrators, not innocents, as it only helps you create more enemies while burning billions of dollars in the process, as it has been done in this video.

The only way for the US to ensure national security is to start respecting international boundaries, religions and races, to stop invading other countries, and tightening its internal security policies. More than half the NS events that happen in the US turn out to be hoaxes created by third parties (including 9/11 – WMD in iraq, wars for oil etc) – which do not benefit the common US citizen (they actually take his life, both onshore and off-shore), but elite pockets in power. If the US spent half its military budget on researching alternate fuel technologies, it would progress far quicker economically, instead of incurring more n more debt over time.

US propagandist – “The only way to maintain true peace and security for the United states is to build ‘soft’ militaristic presence in foreign nations” (under veils and ruses of diplomacy, trade, terrorism and WMD). This is not my statement. For more info -look up this research paper 9651-Rebuilding-Americas-Defenses-PNACdated early this decade.

BTW- this DOESN’T work – the British already tried it in the last century, and they ended up losing their identity as a nation in the process (they are more than 50 ethnicities combined into a nation now, each with their own set of priorities) and most of their territory too.

Code of engagement (military)

Actual – When it comes to striking the enemy, great pains are taken to ensure that you strike the right areas, esp. if you are attacking first. Armies that cause the least amount of collateral damage find it easiest to win public popularity post-battle.  It also helps keep regional resources and infrastructure intact, saving a ton of rebuilding costs later(the US has been spending over Afghansitan infrastructure for over 10 years now, similarly for Iraq).

More time and effort is spent on collecting intel and recon data than on the actual strike. In a real battle – a mis-hit(undirected attack) is certain defeat. Due to the 1-100 military might ratio of most US opponents picked during the last 20 years, the US military has hardly been given any competition, and the only eyebrow rasiers are the big bills/casualties created. If they were going against even a remotely powerful nation – their misguided strikes would have lead to a quick victory – for the opponent – that is.

‘Don’t use cannon to kill mosquito’ (Chinese proverb)

US Propagandist – “We strike with full force, and win by all means necessary. We will not let bin laden, or any other terrorists evade us (despite the fact that we’ve been unable to get them over the past 15 years, we suck at intel, and we let his operatives evade us on home soil and airspace-9/11) and we will keep attacking possible locations of their refuge” (which has now officially gone to 3 different Muslim states, over 1,165,068 square kilometers-more than half orf North America).

The US military needs to start probing into their intelligence sources – it is evident that they are grossly misguided, or doing this on purpose, and have no intention of catching anyone whatsoever.

Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

Actual – Terrorism is any action that harms/threatens to harm the security of a fellow being – that is unwarranted (is not a response an equally violent action perpetrated prior to it). Counter-terrorism is the action taken against it – to prevent it from happening/happening again.

It is imperative to note that the recepient of any CT activity should be a proven terrorist, n not someone who ‘i think’ is one. Otherwise, 1 misdirected hit would make me a terrorist, as now, I am ‘initiating’ unwarranted harm on an innocent, and helping aggravate it to a chain reaction level.

Both are violent perpetration of harm against humans, but only 1 is justified. But do we teach our soldiers this? NO. we teach them to ‘follow orders’ and ‘kill mercilessly’ – BS.

US propagandist – Anything that’s red, white and blue is Counter-terrorism, even if it goes wrong. The rest, regardless of what happened before/after- is TERRORISM. Quite frankly, this approach is what is causing international security issues in the US.

Posting the video is not the national secturity threat – killing innocent people is.

Is that the last time it happened?

No. I have footage of Pakistan military and US drones attacking civilian areas in NWFP, Balochistan, which show children less than 1.5 years mutilated. Its pointless to share those, but it is a concern as more are dying everyday.
This video is a clear indication of how ‘educated’ most of these strikes are. Its just being done to create a body count n show ‘hey, we hit something’. Even our own military is doing such strikes, based on BS ‘intelligence reports’ on ‘Al Qaeda operatives’.

How to stop this

The only way to stop this is to go against the guy you have PROOF against, and finish the job. If you cant get it done right, bail out ASAP.  Strikes on Bin laden should be like the ones done on Benazir, Kennedy, Gandhi’s progeny and the like – ones that actually get through. Bombing half a nation doesn’t kill anyone but innocents.

We don’t need a military that cant do its job right, US and Pakistan alike. BS intelligence and proactive measures don’t account for scrap. Military should be accountable for loss of life just like civilians are. Every person in that chopper deserves a death sentence, esp. the ones who opened fire. it is plain 3rd degree mass genocide. There wasn’t any weapon on them, there was no AK47, there as no RPG. it was just 2 journalists with cameras, around 12 unarmed civilians and there were 2 innocent children in that van too. The only thing that WAS there was a trigger-happy US platoon playing Call of Duty 5 in Full HD, enjoying the effects of the gunfire as it murdered  innocent people below.

To stabilize  its national security, the US needs to be a responsible nation that respects human life. Once that is done, they should effectively strengthen their internal security, (HS) to a  level where they are able to maintain at least one term (4 years) of terror free, internal citizenship security. Once that is achieved, they need to start relocating their troops back to their own country, and focus more on deploying military man power- inter-state than off-shore.

Most of my best friends live in the US, and they hate whats happening as much as I do. The election of Obama was a result of him promising the people of a troop removal from Afghanistan and an end to domestic/international violence. Lets hope he delivers on it.

Most of the educated world looks to the leadership of the US to steer humanity into the right direction. Incompetence/lack of respect for human life at the helm will only lead to further international unrest and segregation. Unification requires a code of conduct that advocates justice, security, respect and equality, not regional interests.

Comments appreciated. Share as much as you can.



Internet Censorship and National Security

Peace everyone.
I’ve recently started doing some generic research regarding internet usage and its impact on society. I’ve come to find that in more ways than one, it is both a source of benefit as well as harm to the human race. With internet penetration increasing to a whopping 26.6% internationally, it has become a major propaganda medium, that helps shape perceptions all over the world.

Is the 'Web' taking over?

Its penetration is most within the US (North America76.2%), and most people would arguably consider the internet a mass media propagation tool for the US (which I do not agree to, to an extent). Its penetration into eastern countries within the past two decades however, has helped shape perceptions globally, increasing cultural influence of nations with greater internet penetration over those who are relatively newer to it. Apart from effective communication tools, online businesses and the like, it has also helped create informational databases like Wikipedia, which can easily be classified as mankind’s first free knowledge base -one that grows by itself.So in a word, internet= information. But the question here is – Credibility. Is everything that we see/read  on the internet credible? Should there be some kind of regulation over internet publishing that validates credibility of published information?

Might seem like an infringement on freedom of expression, but most countries do exercise a certain level of regulation over what their populace can /cannot see over the web. China for instance, has a ‘Great firewall of China’ in place, their rationale being that they wish to stop usage of illicit content (porn sites) within their populace. Another unstated reason would be preservation of Chinese culture over western, and keeping their people restricted to sources of information that only the Chinese Govt. deems credible.

National security has also become an issue, with rebels and terrorists using the internet as a means of protest and victimization, thereby creating sentiments of rebellion within targeted nations. Nations are also at war in the virtual world, with one publicizing its perspective over the other. My country itself is going through a phase like this, where people are dividing into 2 sets of value structures, both heavily influenced by alternate forms of media propagation, internet or otherwise.
So the question really is- Should countries resort to internet content regulation? Should censorship over the internet be implemented at state levels, or is it better to let the virtual world be FFA – just like the wild west? How can a nation ensure that its ideologies and cultural values stay intact, with/without imposing such restrictions?

Comments appreciated, with rationale.