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Prioritizing Floods, Shoes and Presidents

Peace everyone.

This write-up summarizes the present state of affairs in Pakistan, and also touches ‘popular’ vs ‘important’ aspects of our current dilemma.

During the past week, I couldn’t help notice the extreme focus given to our Presidents ‘diplomatic’ visit to the UK. ‘Half of Pakistan’ (a few paid cronies in govt. and some street chalkers with black spray) is busy trying to prove that it was a success and NOTHING  intriguing happened there, while the other ‘half’ (the masala media) is staking its reputation to prove that the biggest crony of Pakistan got two shoes thrown at him during his UK address.

Before we get to the real topic of this article- it is important to clarify the ‘shoe issue’, as people probably wont take heed of the real call to action today, unless they find out ‘kya joota tha kay nai’. Needless to say, the president , his UK visit, his evasion capabilities and all else associated with him is only good for one thing-  distraction from issues at hand.

Separating fact from fiction, in no more than three videos. the first one shows the exact angle and trajectory of the throws(photos), and the quick evasive maneuvers, courtesy Reuters. Therefore, our information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira can go shove his ‘mis-information’ crap where the sun don’t shine.

The Matrix President- Starring the good looking UKP

This second video is a complete interview of the patriot who had the nerve to do the deed – the entire nation is really disappointed with him – as he missed twice. Shameem Khan – in action.

Shameem Khan on ‘Why I throw shoes at Presidents’

The third video shows just how popular zardari’s everyday addresses are, wherein he has to stop his speeches to tell people to ‘shut up’ while he feeds them bull-crap.

This is Awaam ka President speeching- So SHUTaaaaP !

The only thing  people can really do about zardari is ignore him while hes around, and know that everything coming out of him is a lie and a ruse. Counter his actions, not his propaganda. Reverse his deals, imprison his cronies, he is immune, they are not. Make his plans fail in his face. Stop trying to humiliate him, it doesn’t work.

The Real issue for Pakistan

The NWFP flood - Natural Disaster -or latest WMD

A small minority of people in Pakistan feel that the real issue right now is the NWFP flood – and saving the 20 million people affected by it. right now relief efforts are set at providing food and water as basic necessities. as usual, our international beggars are seeing this as another opportunity to embezzle more n more, in the name of helping innocents who are getting little of what is donated, other than the efforts being done by the air force, the only entity capable of actually getting supplies over a landless region.

People are giving away their clothes and various other medical items – which are practically useless in the middle of a sea thats pretty much drowning everything. people need food, drinking water and rescue teams, not expensive water purification sachets and your last pair of gucci shoes. The only secondary items needed other than food and water are tents, which no one is focusing on.

Lastly, as usual, most of us are just donating CASH that almost never makes it to the right people at the right time. so in short, we’re promoting more embezzlement via our relief efforts. The real deal is to get into the action, focus more on getting supplies to the army/the actual location rather than donating our circumcised skins and money over to BS parties and thinking our good deed is done.

Now lets come to the real issue- yes, the flood itself is NOT the real issue. What caused it is far more important.

A multitude of analysts across the globe believe that the NWFP flood is a direct result of HAARP weather intervention – in dummy terms, it was MADE to happen by a ‘research facility’ in Alaska, under charter of the pentagon and the NSA since the 1980s.

HAARP is a radiowave frequency technology that has now been perfected to create natural weather disasters globally via satellite reflection of radiowave signals that are stronger than a billion watts. Details given in given link below. It back-dates to earthquakes in China in 2005, tsunamis, hurricanes and several other natural disasters during the past five years, none of which have had natural pre-occurrences(symptoms seen prior to disasters happening). In case of the NWFP flood, here are some simple facts to ponder:

1. the Weather forecast associations of Pakistan, US/UK or any other damn country NEVER predicted this flood. We get rain warnings weeks before they happen via the internet today, WTF happened this time?

2. NWFP hardly has any rivers, most of  its land is water starved, there has NEVER been a natural flood there during the last 100 years.

3. The temperature scales/history of their mountainous regions do not justify the ‘natural’ glacier melt depicted by the media.

4. The US army has been wanting to ‘flush’ the NWFP area esp. since they intend to move out of Afghanistan soon. No better way to do it than a natural disaster.

So, how exactly did 20 million (12%) of Pakistan’s people get engulfed in water without even a single weather warning from the entire globe?how did this happen?

Read all about it at the given link. Another separate blog on HAARP/possible counter-action next week.