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Pakistan – flood or WMD attack – HAARP

Peace everyone.

This blog is a continuation of my last writing on the Pakistan flood, and aims towards exposing the real reason behind the flood.

‘Stated’ reasons – Holes in the story

A months worth of research over the internet proves that the flood in Pakistan was an unnatural disaster. Several reasons for the flood have been quoted – melting of ice on the mountainous glaciers of the NWFP, unprecedented rainfall, overflow of water within the rivers. Now lets take all three reasons in perspective. The  map on the right shows exactly where it all started, and where it stands, as of August 25 2010.

1. Flood origin

As you an see, the flood originated in the north western, mountainous region, where there are NO major rivers, only minor tributaries. It has clearly been initiated by excessive rainfall within the northwestern NWFP region (where it scarcely rains all year), which in turn led to a swelling of the tributaries, and a mass dump of water into the Indus.

2. Islamabad ‘exempted’

The real ‘act of God’ is not the flood, more alarmingly, it is more like the water flow almost ignored Islamabad on purpose. despite being massively flooded (red areas) on both northern and southern sides, Islamabad was still not effected in a major manner, which further proves that the unnatural rainfall took place in TWO places, and not just one – both in NWFP, as well as south of Islamabad (Punjab). A natural rainstorm flood would conventionally make its way from NWFP, directly over Islamabad to the red Punjab areas, based on the water flow, and not flood/rain in  ‘specific’ places.

3. No authentic rain forecasts

Care should be taken that no authentic forecast whatsoever was made regarding the quantity of the rainfall, its date expectancy or the river overflow during July/August. even a light drizzle in Karachi is forecast a full week before it actually happens, thanks to advanced weather forecasting and the internet. Somehow, no one saw 10 days worth of rain coming, that too in a region where it scarcely rains, if at all.Why? because it was artificial, not natural.

4. No imagery of ice caps melting over the NWFP mountain range

I have yet to see any footage of which ice caps melted, and where the flood started. Ive been trying to find any video of the storm initiation, which may show the electrical discharges that i’m expecting, there are no videos of how it all began, anywhere. If someone can find videos of the initiation of the flood/ice melting in the mountain ranges, please share links here.

5. No history of ice melts over NWFP range in the last 100 years

There has been no incident of mountainous ice-cap release into the NWFP tributaries (which are only a few, it is mostly dry land) during the past 100 years. somehow , it just ‘happens’ right when Americas ‘war on terror’ on our home soil is at its peak, and so is US propaganda about Pakistan ‘double dealing’ on both sides of the table.

6. No release of excess water by Indian authorities

4 out of our seven rivers come from India. contrary to popular belief, the flood map clearly shows that none of the flood water came from India, the areas near the four main rivers remain largely un-affected. Therefore, the excess water never came from India, it came from pure rainfall.

So how exactly do you create a rainfall equivalent of a flood that effects 20 million lives, 12.5% of Pakistan’s population? more importantly, why would someone do it?

HOW – Introducing HAARP

During world war II, a man by the name of Nikolai Tesla (Russian) did several experiments into electricity, electromagnetism and the ionosphere. His purpose -to create a machine that could control the weather. This was later adapted into several weapon technologies over the course of time. However, democratic developments over the recent years have seen the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – the name given by US) drive go-non-public, and classified, as controlling the weather is considered ‘defiance of God’ by common folk, as 94% of the world still believes in God.

So in your common newspaper terms, research on HAARP has long been stopped. Well, this isn’t your common newspaper. And research on HAARP has not been stopped, it has been PERFECTED, and the Pakistan flood is NOT its first use. A US military base capable of producing over 1 billion watts of electrical discharge is now fully functional and active at Alaska (picture given).

Both Russia, and the US harbor this technology, and the tsunami that took out the entire Allied Navy 5th division near Indonesia, was NOT an act of God (2004), it was an act of Mother Russia. So was Hurricane Katrina(US Oil refineries-2005), and so is this Pakistan flood,only that this time, its got US/Alaska written all over it. So now, we have two Superpowers with HAARP, Russia primary, US secondary ;) .

The following video teaches you all you need to know about how it works. HAARP activity can be detected by military radio-wave scanning technologies – so i’m pretty sure that our MI, ISI and the office of our COAS are aware of radio-wave irregularities during the past month in the heavy rainfall regions. I IMPLORE authorities to make such data public, so that HAARP usage as a weapon of mass destruction can be proved, condemned and stopped for good.

Project BlueBeam – All about HAARP

WHY (Why not)

So, now we know that HAARP was used. But why would any superpower, US or otherwise, use such advanced technology over a third world nation like Pakistan? In order to analyze who broke the jar, we need to find out who wants the cookies. Certain elements within the US military and their Israeli allies cant wait to get their hands on Pakistan, and establish a permanent base of ops in South Asia, with Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal at their disposal. But as long as Pakistan is a responsible, functional and independent democracy, this cannot be achieved. The only way to gain excuse to enter Pakistan is to prove that its a FAILED STATE.

This is being achieved using the following means :

1.Corrupt governance installed
2. Army focus diluted over various fronts
3. Cultural influence perpetrated
4. Common man segregated from all forms of patriotism by increasing everyday issues to a level where they can help no one but themselves
5. economics disrupted.
6. provincial infrastructure disrupted.
7. ‘Terrorism’ label installed on helpless country via installed intelligence agencies and covert ops.

The flood plays an ideal role in bring all this about – Pakistan cannot recover to where it was (pre-flood) for the next 5 years. which is plenty of time to dismember it completely. The best part about using HAARP is that despite being a weapon of mass destruction that effected 12.% of our population (20 million people) -a greater area of effect than a nuclear bomb by a factor of 40, there is no way to blame the perpetrator. As the masses are ‘taught’ to believe that all ‘natural disasters’ are acts of God. So please, blame God, not the US/HAARP – while the actual ‘saints’ get away with it ;)

What can we do?

The only act of God for this world, is to let human beings exercise free will here, so that they can be graded accordingly. Pakistanis, people of the US, and all good people need to wake up to that, and DO something about whats going on around them, instead of waiting for God to save them all the time.

All nations and societies should file petitions in ALL institutes of law and justice worldwide, against all patents related to HAARP/weather control (listed at the pakialertpress link given at the end of the article). The UN should classify HAARP and associated research  as WMD and force both superpowers to relinquish this technology before we all end up losing a planet. The Alaska HAARP facility must be shut down, and so should any such installations that are Russian or otherwise.

Please share as much as you can. Comments, more media footage regarding the flood, HAARP and suggestions more than welcome. Please help float to country’s military/ intelligence circles. Dedicated to the innocent, clueless people outlined the the following video, and helping them achieve self-preservation. Please mute the video while watching it- the soundtrack is crappy, and ethnic.

HAARP used as WMD in Pakistan

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Prioritizing Floods, Shoes and Presidents

Peace everyone.

This write-up summarizes the present state of affairs in Pakistan, and also touches ‘popular’ vs ‘important’ aspects of our current dilemma.

During the past week, I couldn’t help notice the extreme focus given to our Presidents ‘diplomatic’ visit to the UK. ‘Half of Pakistan’ (a few paid cronies in govt. and some street chalkers with black spray) is busy trying to prove that it was a success and NOTHING  intriguing happened there, while the other ‘half’ (the masala media) is staking its reputation to prove that the biggest crony of Pakistan got two shoes thrown at him during his UK address.

Before we get to the real topic of this article- it is important to clarify the ‘shoe issue’, as people probably wont take heed of the real call to action today, unless they find out ‘kya joota tha kay nai’. Needless to say, the president , his UK visit, his evasion capabilities and all else associated with him is only good for one thing-  distraction from issues at hand.

Separating fact from fiction, in no more than three videos. the first one shows the exact angle and trajectory of the throws(photos), and the quick evasive maneuvers, courtesy Reuters. Therefore, our information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira can go shove his ‘mis-information’ crap where the sun don’t shine.

The Matrix President- Starring the good looking UKP

This second video is a complete interview of the patriot who had the nerve to do the deed – the entire nation is really disappointed with him – as he missed twice. Shameem Khan – in action.

Shameem Khan on ‘Why I throw shoes at Presidents’

The third video shows just how popular zardari’s everyday addresses are, wherein he has to stop his speeches to tell people to ‘shut up’ while he feeds them bull-crap.

This is Awaam ka President speeching- So SHUTaaaaP !

The only thing  people can really do about zardari is ignore him while hes around, and know that everything coming out of him is a lie and a ruse. Counter his actions, not his propaganda. Reverse his deals, imprison his cronies, he is immune, they are not. Make his plans fail in his face. Stop trying to humiliate him, it doesn’t work.

The Real issue for Pakistan

The NWFP flood - Natural Disaster -or latest WMD

A small minority of people in Pakistan feel that the real issue right now is the NWFP flood – and saving the 20 million people affected by it. right now relief efforts are set at providing food and water as basic necessities. as usual, our international beggars are seeing this as another opportunity to embezzle more n more, in the name of helping innocents who are getting little of what is donated, other than the efforts being done by the air force, the only entity capable of actually getting supplies over a landless region.

People are giving away their clothes and various other medical items – which are practically useless in the middle of a sea thats pretty much drowning everything. people need food, drinking water and rescue teams, not expensive water purification sachets and your last pair of gucci shoes. The only secondary items needed other than food and water are tents, which no one is focusing on.

Lastly, as usual, most of us are just donating CASH that almost never makes it to the right people at the right time. so in short, we’re promoting more embezzlement via our relief efforts. The real deal is to get into the action, focus more on getting supplies to the army/the actual location rather than donating our circumcised skins and money over to BS parties and thinking our good deed is done.

Now lets come to the real issue- yes, the flood itself is NOT the real issue. What caused it is far more important.

A multitude of analysts across the globe believe that the NWFP flood is a direct result of HAARP weather intervention – in dummy terms, it was MADE to happen by a ‘research facility’ in Alaska, under charter of the pentagon and the NSA since the 1980s.

HAARP is a radiowave frequency technology that has now been perfected to create natural weather disasters globally via satellite reflection of radiowave signals that are stronger than a billion watts. Details given in given link below. It back-dates to earthquakes in China in 2005, tsunamis, hurricanes and several other natural disasters during the past five years, none of which have had natural pre-occurrences(symptoms seen prior to disasters happening). In case of the NWFP flood, here are some simple facts to ponder:

1. the Weather forecast associations of Pakistan, US/UK or any other damn country NEVER predicted this flood. We get rain warnings weeks before they happen via the internet today, WTF happened this time?

2. NWFP hardly has any rivers, most of  its land is water starved, there has NEVER been a natural flood there during the last 100 years.

3. The temperature scales/history of their mountainous regions do not justify the ‘natural’ glacier melt depicted by the media.

4. The US army has been wanting to ‘flush’ the NWFP area esp. since they intend to move out of Afghanistan soon. No better way to do it than a natural disaster.

So, how exactly did 20 million (12%) of Pakistan’s people get engulfed in water without even a single weather warning from the entire globe?how did this happen?

Read all about it at the given link. Another separate blog on HAARP/possible counter-action next week.