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Timeline of Divine Revelation – Religion and Politics

Peace everyone.Divine revelation

With the advent of ‘Freedom of Speech’, secularism, agnosticism, atheism (and Google) are rising at the early 21st century. As of 2012 – secularism is the third largest religious affinity, around 1 billion people. The internet is being populated with a  load of crappy misinformation regarding basic facts, most of which is digested face first by coming generations that have little knowledge of their history.

i recently found out first-hand that most ‘modern people from the internet age ‘ now believe Moses, Abraham, the Torah, Jesus, Islam etc. are ‘Patriarch myths created over time to control people’. Why? because Google says so.

Not all information is knowledge. To bring fact to fiction, it is imperative that there be a standardized compilation of the timeline of divine revelation. Given below is a small compilation, and its the best i can do with my limited resources. Ironically it is all coming from the same ‘Google’ being used to underrate religious history, GPS co-ordinates inclusive.

This article is a summary of information i’ve been able to find regarding Divine revelation. It starts from Adam 4000 BC , up to date. Please note that there may be other divine revelations/inspirations during this period, but for the sake of brevity i have limited it to books that the majority believes to be Divine (only major exception here are the 4 Shruti Vedas from Hinduism, which i do not have much knowledge of. will add that as well once i have gone through those as well. Have read some of their verses and they do speak truth in essence, much like the books mentioned herein).

Feel free to add/comment on date entries and i will update where necessary. Does not contain pre-adam timelines regarding other lifeforms on earth – for more details on these variants please visit

Darwin fans will like the above. For people who believe we evolved from apes etc.. please read the next link from a scientific (not religious) mindset, and then feel free to read further.

All events listed here are authenticated in multiple cultures/religious texts, historian accounts and books. The total duration of this timeline is about 6000 years. Post timeline, this article also discusses politics and religion, and how both have been unnecessarily correlated over the course of history.

The objective of making this short repository (trust me its short, considering the fact that it covers 6000 years) is to give viewers (and more importantly, coming generations) the ability to see the correlation between religious/cultural/political events as time progresses. As we go further into the age of technology, it becomes easier to refute the wisdom of the past in favor of the luxury of the present. Lets try to make the best of both and progress, rather than get back to square one (as has happened in our history one too many times). Looking at the past enables us not to repeat the same mistakes in the present, so as to progress and evolve as a society, rather than deteriorate/stay in a loop. I am personally not a fan of blind faith, and i would exhort readers to do their own due diligence on all that is mentioned here and learn from the similarities of mistakes committed in the past. An ‘epilogue for dummies’ is also given at the end.

Timeline – Religion
Timeline sources Hebrew Scriptures and Torah (Pentateuch – Mostly Genesis), Bible (King James Edition) , Quraan (one version only), reference literature from historians, some other hebrew/ arabic texts and modern day accounts. Only dates which have a majority overlap are listed – minor differences may exist but timeline is more than enough for educational purposes. Also – the timeline has been converted to the prevalent solar calendar to avoid any confusion – BC=before christ – AD = Anno Domini (current solar). Physical locations have been linked to Google maps where and when possible.

Adam to muhammad lineage

  • Pre 4004 BC – Adam and Eve’s decent to Earth (To be noted that earth and its organisms exist prior to their entry).
  • 4004 BC Adam and Eve’s first two children are born, Cain and Abel (Gen. 4). Cain kills Abel (Ibid.)
  • 3900 Enoch is born, Cain’s first son. Seth is born to Adam and Eve. Irad, Cain’s first grandchild, is born (Gen. 4).
  • 3400 Enoch, the great, great, great, grandchild of Seth, is born. At this same general time period, Methuselah was born (Gen. 5)
  • 3000 Noah is born (ca. 2948 B.C., Gen. 5: 29).
  • 2500 Noah’s sons are both, Shem, Ham, and Jepheth (Gen. 6: 9). It was about this time that Noah was commissioned to build the Ark (Gen. 6).
  • 2350 The flood waters cover the entire earth (Gen. 7). (James Ussher suggest 2349 as the flood date, the Samaritan Pentateuch has 2998, the Hebrew Bible has 2288, and the Septuagint lists 3246 has the date of the flood). Noah’s three sons began to repopulate the earth (Gen. 9: 1).
  • 2300 The Tower of Babel and its destruction (Gen. 11). The confusion of tongues and the scattering of the people.
  • 2166 – Abraham (tenth descendant from Noah, noah lived 950) is Born (reverse calculated from death date, no accounts of birth date remain).
  • 2091 – Abraham arrives in Egypt.
  • 2090 BC The Famine in Canaan Genesis 12:10
  • 2085 BC Abram and Lot Part Ways Genesis 13, Abram Promised Many Descendants Genesis 13:14.
  • 2081 BC – Gods covenant with Abraham.
  • 2080 BC Ishmael Born.
  • 2067 Isaac’s birth promised – Destruction of Sodom, Lot’s Town (a town used to homosexuality, bloodshed and several other vices, said to have been destroyed by a blast/meteors)- GPS co-ordinates.
  • 2066 Isaac Born (Father to a line of Prophets including Jesus).
  • 2064 Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away by Abraham to a desert – after a vision (present day Mecca) Genesis 21:8
  • 2054 After seeing another vision, Abraham tries to sacrifice son (Ishmael according to Quraan 37:100 ->37:113, Isaac According to Judeo-christian History – Genesis 22), but due to divine intervention ends up sacrificing a lamb instead (modern day Eidh ul Azha ritual). The previous entry and this one have a date dispute (since if it were Ishmael that was to be sacrificed, he was still with Abraham and had not left yet).
    Political point to consider here is that one son (Isaac) is the blood-father of Judo Christian community, Moses and Jesus, while another (Ishmael) is the blood-father of the region where Islam originated/Muhammad. It is an expected outcome that both parties claim their father figure to be the sacrificial son. In actual terms however, the spirit of the sacrifice is important, who/what/when is only for historical purposes and has no practical consequence.
  • 2030 BC Death of Sarah (first wife). Abraham returns to meet Ishmael, first construction of Kaabah (date disputed between Historians). GPS co-ordinates. Oldest living Patriarch structure (Abrahimic), ten centuries before first temple in Jerusalem. Some historians also dispute that Adam made the Kaaba first, though no such reference exists in history or revealed books.
  • 2000 The death of Noah (ca. 1998 B. C., Gen. 9: 28, 29). Burial place unconfirmed. Four different Burial places claimed link here- Most popular being Iraq/Najaf.
  • 1991 – Death of Abraham. Buried at Cave of the Patriarchs. (pretty much in the center of Modern day Israel) – GPS co ordinates. Adam and Eve, and Abrahams majority family also entombed there. Some Shiite accounts state that Adam/Noah/Abraham are all buried in Iraq.
  • 1730 Joseph is sold to the Midianites and his consequent experiences that result in him becoming a ruler in Egypt (Gen. 37 – 47).
  • 1680 The Book of Genesis comes to a close, having covered approximately 2300 years of history.
  • 1571 Moses is born . Moses is adopted into the Egyptian royal court.
  • 1491 The call of Moses (believed to communicate with God directly) and his commission (the burning bush experience, Ex. 2). The ten plagues (Ex. 7 – 12). Israel is liberated from Egyptian bondage (Ex. 12 ff.). Moses receives Ten Commandments Law at Mount Sinai GPS co-ordinates (Ex. 20, some provide the date of 1445 for the giving of the law). Hence, after about 2, 500 years the system of Patriarchy comes to a close.
  • 1451 The death of Moses (Deut. 34). Joshua is appointed as Moses’ successor (Josh. 1).
  • 1425 The Abrahamic land promise is realized (Gen. 12; Josh. 24).
  • 1400 The beginning of the judges and their governing of Israel, covering about 305 years (ca. 1095 B. C., see Judges 1 – I Samuel 8).
  • 1095 The appointment of Saul to be King of Israel (I Sam. 10, some have 1050 as the date).
  • 1063 David defeats Goliath (I Sam. 17).
  • 1055 David is appointed King (2 Sam. 2, some have 1010 B. C.).
  • 1015 Solomon, David’s son, is appointed King (I Kgs. 1, 2, some believe 970 is the more likely time for the appointment of Solomon). Builds first temple in Jerusalem  - GPS co-ordinates.
  • 992 The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon (I Kgs. 10). By Quranic records (Chapter 27, surah Naml) – her throne was brought to Suleman prior to her arrival.
  • 975 Solomon’s death and Rehoboam succeeds Solomon to the throne (I Kgs. 12, some have 931 as the date). The Kingdom is divided. When Solomon died, the fight for his throne results in the twelve tribes of Israel dividing, creating the Great Schism. The two southern tribes, Benjamine and Judah, maintaining Jerusalem as their capital, become “The Kingdom of Judah” under the reign of Rehoboam. He reigns 17 years. The ten northern tribes of Israel revolt, becoming “The Kingdom of Israel” under the rulership of Jeroboam. He reigns 21 years. Israel’s continues, with 19 Kings from the reign of Solomon, for 254 years. Israel makes Samaria its capitol.
  • 722 The Assyrians capture Samaria and take Israel captive (cp. 2 Chroni. 33, end of the Kingdom of Israel).
  • 597 Jerusalem is captured by Babylon (cp. 2 Chroni. 36).
  • 536 First group returns from captivity (see Ezra 2).
  • 458 The second group returns from bondage (Ezra 8).
  • 444 The walls of Jerusalem are rebuilt under the leadership of Nehemiah (Nehe. 1-7).
  • 398 The completion of the 39 books that constitute the “Old Testament” see Malachi). This date began the “400 years of silence” between Malachi and Matthew (New Testament).
  • 250 BC – Greek Translation of The Hebrew Bible – Septuagint – details here

New Testament Timeline (post 400 year gap – intermediate details given here)

  • 4 BC Census of Quirinius. The census or enrollment, which, according to Luke 2:1, was the occasion of the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem where Jesus was born, is connected with a decree of Augustus embracing the Greek-Roman world.
  • 4 BC Birth of Jesus – Historians generally assume Jesus was born between 6 BC – 4 BC
  • 4 BC Herod orders the “Massacre of the Innocents” — the killing of all male children in Bethlehem aged two years and under.
  • 4 BC Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus flee to Egypt
  • 4 BC Death of Herod the Great
  • 4 BC Three sons of Herod divide up rule of Palestine under Roman Authority. Archelaus ruled Judea and Samaria. Herod Antipas ruled Galilee and Perea. Herod Philip ruled Iturea and Trachonitis.
  • 4 BC Birth of John the Baptist – John the Baptist was six months older than Jesus (Luke 1:36)
  • 8 AD Jesus visits The Temple in Jerusalem.
  • 8 AD-26AD Jesus works as a carpenter in Nazareth.
  • 26 AD  - 29AD – Jesus Preaches monotheism, Performs miracles and foretells events. Takes on disciples.
  • 33AD (year contested between 29-33AD, majority claims 33 AD)- Jesus tried and crucified by the Roman Court. (Both Islamic and Christian texts hint at his resurrection, which is arguable in the light of science).
  • 49/50 AD – Council of Jerusalem
  • 52 AD St. Peter founds the Church in Rome – GPS coordinates
  • 64 AD - Rome destroyed by fire; persecution of Christians begins by Roman Empire under Nero.
  • 67 AD - Martyrdom of St. Peter (crucified, actually), succession of St. Linus as Bishop of Rome
  • 66-73 AD - Jewish revolt against Rome.  Rome wins, Temple in Jerusalem destroyed 70AD, Jews expelled from Jerusalem by General Titus. The Apostles and their disciples carried the Gospel (teachings of Jesus) to the corners of the Roman Empire.  St. Paul carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Asia Minor, Greece and Spain; St. James Zebedee carried the Gospel into Spain; St. Philip carried the Gospel into southern Russia; Sts. Bartholomew and Thaddaeus preached Christ to the people of Armenia and modern Iraq and Iran; St. Thomas founded the Church in southwestern India; St. Andrew on the shores of the Black Sea in Asia; St. Mark the evangelist founded the Church in Egypt; etc.
  • 73 AD – Jews expelled from Jerusalem concentrate in two communities, the western one at Yavneh/Jamnia/Jabne (“Alexandrian” Jews) under the Sanhedrin (supreme court) of rabbi Yohanan/Jochanan ben Zaccai, and the “Babylonian” community, a tributary of the Parthians.
  • 74 AD 0 the Zealonts/Sicarii commit mass suicide at Masada, the last stronghold of the Jewish rebels
  • 75 AD –  Judea, Galilea and Samaria are renamed “Palaestina” by the Romans – does that name ring a bell?
  • 75-312 AD – Several important events  - details here
  • 313 AD Constantine becomes first Emperor of Rome to accept Christianity – Issues edict of milan protecting Christians rights.
  • 325 AD Council of Nicaea.
  • 382 AD Council of Rome – This local Church council under the authority of Pope Damasus, (366-384) approved a complete list of canonical books of the Old and New Testaments which is identical with the list the Council of Trent reaffirmed in the 16th century and identical to Catholic Bibles today.
  • 383 AD – 573 AD –  Further details of Juda-Christian timeline to present day given here.

Advent of Islam

  • 570 AD – Muhammad is born
  • 610 AD – Muhammad has first vision of Gabriel (Angel considered to bring messages to all previous Prophets) at a Cave near mecca
  • 610-622 AD – Muhammad Preaches Monotheism in Pagan Mecca.
  • 622 AD – Owing to persecution by Makkan pagans (quraish), Muhammad and his followers flee to madinah, where their ways are accepted by Ansar (natives). Islamic Calendar begins
  • 624 AD – Muslims and Quraish engage in first armed battle. 313 Muslims fight an army of an armed caravan of 1000 of the Quraish, winning their first military victory (some accounts also portray this as a raid on a meccan caravan by muslim ‘raiders’ ).
  • 625 AD – Muslims defeated at Uhud due to indiscipline/greed for booty.
  • 627 AD – Meccans march on Madinah  - battle of Trenches – muslims defend successfully
  • 628 AD – Treaty of Hudaibiya – truce allowing muslims to perform hajj/umrah each year in meccah
  • 630 AD – skirmishes between allies of both parties initiate retaliation, Muslims march on meccah as result and get a bloodless conquer with 10,000 strong. All paganistic idols in kaaba broken, made house of (Ibrahamic) monotheism.
  • 632 AD – Farewell pligrimage, Last sermon and Death of Muhammad due to illness (succession dispute, Abu Bakr becomes Caliph, dispute details here).

Muslim Politics Post Muhammad Era (summary).

  •  632-634 AD – consolidation wars (some clans refuse to pay zakaat) – battles against claimant prophets (Musailma etc). Death of Abu Bakr due to illness. Umar Ibne Khattab assumes Caliphate.
  • 634-644 AD – Militaristic growth of the Muslim Empire under Caliph Umar, growing the caliphate to several times its original size. Assassination of Umar by the Persians. Uthman assumes Caliphate.
  •  644-656 AD – Caliph uthmans reign, standardized compilation of Quran (maintained to date), Further conquests and defense campaigns. Dispute regarding placement of kinsmen in political offices esp. Marwan. Riots, siege, and ultimately mob murder of caliph at his home.
  • 656 AD  - Ali Ibne Abi Talib assumes caliphate. Battle of the camel (First Fitnah war – civil war among muslims - Prophet’s wife Aisha instigated by Pro- Meccan Native Muawiya, Sufyans son, into raising rebellion against reigning caliph, for not bringing Uthmans assailants to justice upfront.). Ali wins.
  • 657 AD Capital shifted from Medinah to Kufa, Battle of Siffin (civil war continues over caliphate, murderers of Uthman). Ali wins again, after nearly 55,000 casualties, and Muawiyas battle plea of Raising Quraan’s on spears for truce. Negotiations take place following cease fire, to no effect.
  • 657-661 AD – Civil wars and rebellions continue. Muawiya 1 declares himself Caliph At Damascus, Ali assassinated by Kharjites. Shiite and Sunni Division ‘permanented’.
  • 661-750 AD – Ummayad Caliphate (lineage based)
  • 710 – Muhammad Bin Qasim invades Sindh on behalf of Ummayads
  • 710- 1857 AD – Muslim Rule in the sub continent (1147 years)
  • 750 – 1517 – Abbasid Dynasty (Lineage based, descendants of Abbas Ibne Abd al Muttalib)
  • 1096- 1272 – Holy Crusades (Christianity vs. Islam for territory/’Promised land’, several exchanges of power). details here.
  •  750 – 1258 – Golden Age of Islam (R&D) – Jabbar bin Hayyan, Ibn Al haitham etc.
  • 1258 – Fall of Baghdad to Mongols (territorial oocupation/expansion). Abbasid capital moves from Baghdad to Cairo (Egypt)
  • 1299 – 1914 – Rise and fall of the ottoman empire
  • 1920 – Dissolution of the Ottoman empire post WW 1 (1914-1920), Great arab revolt (saudi arabs sided against the ottoman empire for their independence with the british). Saud Family comes back into power after several hundred years.
  • 1932 – Hijaz and Najd come together to form Present day KSA (saud family, dynasty based).
  • 1945 – End of WW2 – KSA founding member of Arab league, United nations. Enters US/UK protection against access to its oil resources.
  • 1947 – Pakistan/India created
  • 1948 – Israel declared independent state.
  • Further details to present day given here.

Epilogue (for dummies)

Though a lot of regional details are left untouched, this compilation focuses around contested territories and politics related to divine revelation. Several other events also took place on the world map that relate to the greater scheme of things, but for the purpose of brevity, we will discuss politics only at an abstract level.

Common learnings found from the above are as follows:

  • Despite several iterations of divine revelations that in essence preach the same ’10 commandments’ over and over, Mankind has yet to learn to abide by them.
  • in the past 6000 years – the ‘Promised Land’ of Jerusalem has been has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times.
  • Despite all religions preaching equality among man, and superiority only through deeds, every single power group has (sooner or later) resorted to staying in power through claim to Kingship via race/ties/bloodline or ethnicity, including the current custodians of Kaabah.
  • Despite human life being sacred in all religions, every group when oppressed has addressed and beseeched God for support. And once in power, every group has returned the favor in kind, forgetting their own plight once they get in the drivers seat.

As promised in religious scriptures- The plight of mankind continues, where one nation that is better replaces another which is worse, only to corrupt itself with power and get cleansed by another a few decades/centuries later.

In short, the problem is not divine revelation or its authenticity. Much like guns or roses, they have both positive and negative implications. The problem is the self centered people reading them, mutilating and re-interpreting their teachings for their own selfish interests. Others, when they find no room for doing so, try and refute the authenticity of divine revelation altogether.

None of the revealed books allow aggression. Yet history is filled with accounts of war, murder and conflict for territorial expansion in the name of God, justice, revenge, divine promise, Oil and whatnot. After going through 6000 years of the same shit over n over again, we are left with 2 options:

1. Call all divine revelations a farce and have a good time for the rest of our lives (despite the fact that we never followed divine revelation in the first place, just used them as an excuse for what we wanted to do).

2. Realize that no man has more claim to rule over another, but through deeds and goodwill. And that the only piece of land promised to us is the 8 by 4 ft. area we will be buried in. N try to actually comply with the truth, instead of trying to justify our own aspirations as Divine Will/truth.

‘Promised Land’

The idea of a  ’promised land’  is that of a land of peace, where the oppressed can live as equals. And a land of peace is not found by kicking someone out of it, or killing others, it can only be found through peaceful co-existence. I have one simple question for all nations of the world vying for the promised land – if they truly deserve dominion over the promised land – why the $#@% have they been kicked in the nuts over it so many times in history? Is God not watching over his ‘blessed’?

You get what you pay for. Over and over we have done the exact same things. From the children of Israel to the followers of Muhammad. We have all hero-worshipped our prophets as demi-gods, we have all thought less of others, we have all gone against the commandments given to us. And we all have blood on our hands. We have invaded proactively, something that our scriptures never allowed us to do. And we have faced the consequences in the form of revolts, assassinations and sectoral division.  The only blessing such nations get is annihilation to prevent them from going astray further, or plight to temper them. Hence history and its repeated state of affairs.
God isn’t a propaganda victim, His system works on merit basis, not preference basis. So if a certain group of people want to be named the best, they will actually have to BE THE BEST in terms of their words and their actions. There is no other way to it. All people are equal in the eyes of the Creator.

In order to make the best of religious teachings in modern day society, one must understand the spirit behind them. Religion is a way of life that induces self-control and accountability, and has shaped over 6000 years. Without it, we will lose faith in our values as a society (something which we can already see around us).

Much like everything else, religion is also continuously being used by power groups as a means to manipulate the masses into doing what is in the interest of a select few. People need to break out of the sheep mindset WITHOUT giving up on the core essence of religion. Being muslim does not imply making the Saud family richer, its just a feudal dynasty that has noting to do with Islam. Similarly, being a christian does not implying kissing up to the pope. And being a Jew does not mean thinking you’ll get salvation by stepping on a piece of land.

It implies being honest and true to yourself and those around you, doing the right thing. Figure it out in your own way, don’t be gullible, and give people the space they need to find their own way. Do not ridicule another man’s faith, perhaps he is better in the eyes of God than you are. Help people in what you think is right. Stop (if not, speak against) what you think is wrong. And above all, keep faith in your Creator. If he can give you life, He can also give you guidance through any means he deems fit.

Would like to conclude this write-up with a small quote from the Quran (2-62).

‘Indeed, those who believed and those who were Jews or Christians or Sabeans – those who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness – will have their reward with their Lord, and no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.’

Would highly recommend that people belonging to different faiths exchange knowledge and read religious literature with the positive mindset of adopting positive similarities, and refuse to adopt negatives they find therein.

Hope this helps shed some light on the truth. As truth is not subjective, it is that which stands the test of time against all opposition. And what has stood the test of 6000 years, wont mind standing a few more generations, no matter what the odds.

May this effort be a source of guidance for those who wish to seek it.

All the best,


PS: special thanks to contributors Dominic St. Pierre, Ali H. Rizvi, and everyone who helped put this together. Readers are requested to continue the effort with due honesty. feel free to suggest edits/additions (with references).

Aafia Siddiqui – Victim or Terrorist

Peace everyone. This blog covers all the things you don’t really know about Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani Neuro-Surgeon, and all the implications around her disappearance, iconic representation in Pakistan, re-emergence,  her terrorist act (in Ghazni, Afghanistan) and consequent trial, prosecution and sentencing (In Manhattan, US). Once the facts are on the table, will give an inference, by law and logic, between the lines.

As always, the message is more important than the messenger or the celebrity in focus. This article does not advocate blind love or hatred for Aafia, but it hints awareness towards what made today’s ‘Aafia’ a possibility, and what we should learn from the incident.

Stated Facts

I. Aafias background

Father: Muhammad Salay Siddiqui, a British-trained neurosurgeon (Neurosurgery in focus)-deceased, cause of death  Aafias divorce, heart attack aug 2002 (see chronology).

Mother: Ismet (Farooqi) Prominent religious, political figure. Ex. MP Pakistan.

Siblings: youngest of three. Elder brother architect in Sugarland, Texas. Sister Fauzia (middle) also Harvard trained neurologist (again, neurology), worked at Sinai hospital, Baltimore, taught at John Hopkins university before returning to Pakistan.

Summary – All amongst Pakistans elite, mostly ex-pats in the sense that they ALL spent more time ABROAD then they did in Pakistan. Common grounds include neurology, careers in UK/US, international exposure and politics.

II. Chronology

This is a brief summary of events in Aafias life. Notice the amounts of time spent abroad, missing, in Pakistan etc.

Born: Karachi, Pakistan.

age 3-8 : attended school in Zambia, Southern Africa (off-shored at an early age, despite being youngest of the family)

8-17 : primary and secondary schooling in Karachi, Pakistan (academics unknown)

18-19: Moved to her brother, Houston, Texas, 1990 on student via. Studied at Houston university, 3 semesters.

19-22: MIT-Massachusetts institute of technology – full scholarship, BS. in biology-  triple major in Biology, anthropology, archaeology – grad 1995. Carrol Wilson award for thesis on ‘Islamization in Pakistan and effect on women’ - 1992

Worked with MSA (Muslim students association) and did fundraisers there – said that MSA students came into contact with Abdullah Azzam there (one of Bin ladens ppl, allegedly). Aafia always religious practitioner and propagator of Islamic ideology, throughout student life and beyond.

1995 - telephonic marriage to anesthesiologist (again another medical practitioner) Dr. Amjad Mohammed Khan, now dubbed involved in a plot to ‘terrorize’ a ‘gas station’ in Maryland  (lol. Imagine, doctors wanting to blow up gas stations, they must be low on logic, even in terrorist capacity, its a stupid place to blow up, it serves no purpose.)

1995-98 Amjad comes over to live with Aafia in Lexington, Massachusetts- two children born, Muhammad Ahmed (1996) and Mariam Binte Muhammad (1998) (these children carry great importance as we get to the main investigation). Both these children are AMERICAN citizens.

98-2001 - Brandeis university- Cognitive Neurosciences – PHD. Name of research paper is ‘Separating the components of Imitation’. look it up and read it – it is the most important thing about Aafia, her research. No one ever talks about it. It relates to brain learning patterns, short-term, long term memory, and indirectly – information retention mind control.

The couple also moved to Boston during this time. Aafia started IIRT – Institute of Islamic Research and Teaching. Aafia presided, husband was treasurer. Also established Dawa resource center – giving free copies of Quran and Islamic reform guidance to prison inmates and rehab ppl. (Personally I consider all these actions cultural, not terrorist  – threats).

9/11/2001 - allegedly, under the alias of Fahrem or Feriel Shahin, this Islam propagating neurosurgeon from Boston, Massachusetts bought $19 million worth of blood diamonds in Monrovia, Liberia (still unproven in court), while being with her family at the same time in Boston. This was brought forward 3 years LATER, in 2004 by US intelligence.

after 9/11- Siddiqui insisted on leaving the U.S., saying that it was unsafe for them and their children to remain there.

2002 - In May 2002, the FBI questioned Siddiqui and her husband regarding their purchase over the internet of $10,000 worth of night vision equipment, body armor, and military manuals including The Anarchist’s Arsenal, Fugitive, Advanced Fugitive, and How to Make C-4.Khan (husband) claimed that these were for hunting and camping expeditions. Most importantly, the FBI believed them, n on on June 26, 2002, the couple and their children returned to Pakistan. Smell a rat yet?

August 2002 - Khan heads to Aafias parents and divorces Aafia (great timing). Her father died of a heart attack, august 15, 2002. Third child Suleman (children important) born September 2002. Divorce finalized October 21 2002.

December 25, 2002 - Aafia leaves for US – saying she needs a job – returns january 3rd 2002 (job in Christmas eve season?)

2003 - Aafia working at Agha khan University Hospital – writes to Brandeis for finding a job at the University, owing to lack of options for her academic background in KHI.

Feb 2003 – Aafia marries  Ammar Al Baluchi, nephew of Khalid Shaikh Muhammad (a major weakness in her case, cause of marriage doesn’t make sense) for no particular reason, apparently. Personally, i have serious doubts about this marriage taking place , if at all.

march 1 2003 - Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, the new  ‘chief planner’ of Al Qaeda attacks ( i thought it was bin laden, but anyways) reported a ‘series’ of Al Aaeda operatives while in FBI custody. he also named Dr. Aafia (courier of blood diamonds and a financial fixer for al-Qaida), or so the case material says.

march 25 2003 - FBI issues global ‘wanted for questioning’ alert (much like a most wanted list) for Aafia and her husband (number 1).

Afraid of the FBI apprehension, on March 30, 2003, Aafia, with her three children, called a cab to get to the airport to leave for Islamabad, to her uncle. But she never made it to the other side. FBI claims they never found her in KHI, and she was not in any custody 2003-2008.


Aafia and her children’s whereabouts during 2003-2008 brew as many stories as you can count. Pakistans JI (jaamaat e Islami) seems to know right from 2003 that she was in US custody, they’ve been campaigning against it since forever.

Ministries and the Islamabad Airport confirmed that a woman was detained April 1 2003 for FBI questioning, but these reports were later denied. US says Pakistan ISI had her, ISI say they didnt have her,  then US says she is still wanted, all the time people say US has her. The only person who can answer if she was handed over or not – is Musharraf. But he doesn’t like to talk about his mistakes.

One thing is for sure though – she left with her children, meaning she was looking for asylum, not perpetrating terrorism.  and its important to see that she left with all 3 children. She didn’t get to her uncle in ISB, which means wherever she went, it was NOT her own will that got her there, she was abducted mid-way. If this wasn’t the case, she would still be with her uncle n three children in ISB.

Act of terrorism

July 17, 2008- Ghazni, Afghanistan. Outside the governors compound, with two small bags at her side, a burqa, and ONE child (her eldest son).  A woman by the name of Saliha is arrested and she turns out to be our girl. She is carrying a number of documents written in Urdu and English describing the creation of explosives, chemical weapons, Ebola, dirty bombs, and radiological agents,numerous chemical substances in gel and liquid form that were sealed in bottles and glass jars and 2 kilos of sodium cyanide.

Three versions of the story

1. The American Dream- American authorities say that the following day, on July 18, two FBI agents, a U.S. Army warrant officer, a U.S. Army captain, and their U.S. military interpreters arrived in Ghazni to interview Siddiqui at the Afghan National Police facility where she was being held. the warrant officer put down his M4 on the ground. Aafia, sitting behind the curtain, but not secure, went fr the M4, shouted ‘Allah hu akbar’ and sent two shots directly towards the personnel, no one was killed, but two were injured. She was secured and taken into custody immediately, after a revolver shot to her upper shoulder disarmed her.

2. Aafias story- she related a different version of events, according to Pakistani senators who later visited her in jail. She denied touching a gun, shouting, or threatening anyone. She said she stood up to see who was on the other side of the curtain, and that after one of the startled soldiers shouted “She is loose”, she was shot. On regaining consciousness, she said someone said “We could lose our jobs”. Interestingly, no one asked her how she got to Ghazni in the first place.

3. The Afghani version(translated) – Some of the Afghan police offered a third version of the events, telling Reuters that U.S. troops had demanded that she be handed over, disarmed the Afghans when they refused, and then shot Siddiqui mistakenly thinking she was a suicide bomber.

result – Aafia taken into custody till present day, on record.

Children’s whereabouts and statements

1.Ahmed – the eldest

Afghan authorities handed the boy over to Pakistan in September 2008, and he now lives with his aunt in Karachi, who has prohibited him from talking to the press.

August 2010 Yvonne Ridley reported that she had acquired a three paragraph statement taken from Ahmed by a US officer before he was released from US custody – (interestingly – he never was in custody of the US on record, was he)

This is the only fragment of truth, among all the stories given, as it speaks of the death of the youngest child, from a 12 year old.

Ahmed described Aafia driving a vehicle taking the family from Karachi to Islamabad, when it was overtaken by several vehicles, and he and his mother were taken into custody. He described the bloody body of his baby brother being left on the side of the road. He said that he had been too afraid to ask his interrogators who they were, but that they included both Pakistanis and Americans(ISI+ CIA). He described beatings when he was in US custody. Eventually, he said, he was sent to a conventional childrens’ prison in Pakistan.”

The timestamp for this would be Aafias travel Karachi-> Islamabad,  march-apr 2003, the time when she ‘disappeared’.

2. Daughter- Mariam

In April 2010, Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that a 12-year-old girl who was found outside a house in Karachi was identified by a DNA test as Siddiqui’s daughter Mariyam, and that she had been returned to her family. Once again, on where she had been all this time, and where she came from – NO COMMENTS.

3. Youngest – Suleman(son)

Nowhere to be found. And how so – He died a bloody death at the age of less than a year, on the street during Aafia’s Capture – mar-apr 2003 (refer to Muhammad Ahmeds statement).

Trial and sentencing

Ironically, for an ‘unproven’ offense that took place in the jurisdiction of Ghazni, Afghanistan, on July 17, 2008 - the trial was held at New York City, US on January 19, 2010, 1.6 years worth of detention, torture and harassment later (not counting the off-record 5 year detention before that).

Aafias trial is the biggest mockery of the law, as literally nothing was proved , and the sentence was declared ‘as ordered’ by pressure groups. As none of the terrorist activities against aafia have been proven with substantial direct evidence, she was only charged on assaulting US officials at ghazni (the M4 story - refer to act of terrorism section, the American dream). Despite the fact that they never got her prints on the M4 even, the jury still gave a guilty verdict, and Aafia has been sent to prison for another 86 (eighty six) years for ‘terrorizing armed military officials’ who shot her, with as much as her voice. No trial however will take place for the injustices committed against her, her family and the merciless ‘collateral’ death of her youngest in 2003 - despite the fact that NONE of the accusations against her have any proof whatsoever.

Aafia’s statements included boycott of the proceedings as she believed they were rigged. She also said post trial – that all Muslims should display self control and not resort to violence following this decision.

The untold elements (must read)

This is the part for which you have been reading. What I infer is not necessarily true – it is just the most logical inference I can make with the data I’ve collected. so, here goes.

1. Not a Terrorist – But a victim of Terrorism

Aafia is not a terrorist – she is just someone who believes in standing up for Islam, and fellow Muslims. she has never taken a life, and she has never influenced someone to do something against their will,and she will continue to be the way she is. She might have associated with people who might have, in turn become ‘terrorists’ or extremist Muslims, but that doesn’t make her a terrorist. Just because someone loves Islam, believes in the occupation of Afghanistan n Iraq to be unjustified, and wishes to help Muslim brethren by non violent methods, like protest, medical expertise or proper legal process, there is nothing ‘terror-istic’ about it. Last time I checked, self defense for a community in general is not terrorism, unjustified occupation is.

2. One of Many

She is one of the 1200 + people taken under suspicion needlessly by the FBI following 9/11. Her exposure in media is due to her being a Pakistani elite – if she was me n you, you wouldn’t even notice. Her trial, and refusal of acquittal is a way of saving face - both for Pakistani as well as American authorities. They know she didn’t do anything wrong, n that grabbing her was a false alarm in the first place – but saying ‘hey we all messed up, sry aafia’ is gonna be the biggest mockery of government and intelligence procedure, both for US and Pakistan. So a cause needs to be created through which she can be labelled red – and prosecuted with legal right after. Hence the staged act in Ghazni, 2008 – as it proves she was not in US custody 2003-2008- and it also proves she is Al Qaida – indirectly.

3. Why did Aafia do it?

Simple. One child killed in front of her eyes, 2 left. Notice the timestamps on Mariam’s appearance / disappearance, and compare them with the Ghazni event, n the trial. She was missing all this time – I infer that Mariam was used as bargain collateral. Aafia , while in custody- was  ‘forced’ to stage the ghazni act, in exchange for her daughter’s acquittal - as soon as her trial began and the deal for her boycott/not winning the case was finalized, her daughter was released back to Pakistan. Her son was kept with her on-site to make it look more real and deliberate on her part.

So Aafia decides to do as shes told in exchange for her daughters life, the daughter is released to Pakistani govt. after Aafia gets caught in the act – everyone’s happy. Now US intelligence agencies can say ‘ hey we finally caught someone, n gave them a fair trial even, see’ and hope to improve their competence image/foreign relations. I’d like to know who’s heading their think tanks – my piss has more working brain cells, literally, pshh.

4. Neurology

Another possibility for prosecution/detention could be a forced demand for her neurological expertise. Its a long shot, but mind-related tech work and related abductions are not unheard of. FBI reports show that she had possible involvement in mind-control related tech (‘with Al Qaeda’) – so it can also be true the other way round – i.e. US looking for human resource in that area.

Why prosecute Aafia?

Why? because she is a symbol of Islam – a modern, educated, Islamic woman, one of the best at her trade, and a success story for all Muslim women in terms of her social status (pre-terrorism charges) – and by prosecuting her, you are indirectly prosecuting Islam, its culture, and its woman’s role in society. Aafia has been made an example, so that none can follow in her wake. Its not the terrorism that she didn’t commit, its her propagation of Islam and her commitment to right and wrong that hurt those in power.

Her prosecution is a public stunt to save face, and prevent the public form realizing the kind of racism being dished out at Muslims in the name of terrorism. If she is set free, it puts a black mark on the credibility of the FBI, the CIA, and all other state institutions that are so rampantly making a mockery of Justice in the US and the world over. It also nullifies the decade long campaign against maligning Islam and its followers. so, no fair trial pls – cant afford it.

As its far easier to blame an innocent person than to admit that the US system is messed up, opinionated, and severely biased against Muslims.

The objective is to send out a message – ‘Hey, This is an Islamic woman, a terrorist’. But that objective will not be achieved. Aafia is innocent, and the world will know it – the only propaganda this event will bring is further loss of credibility to those pulling the strings of US power . People in the US and the world over should condemn this act, speak against it. Muslims should support Islam, its propagation, and its culture as much as they can. Musims should shun terrorism and aggression being committed in the name of Islam. Because that is what Aafia’s life is all about – not terrorism. Not blowing up in peoples faces, not killing others and grabbing their land to ensure ones own safety. Not mercilessly killing, torturing  and detaining women and children as collateral for the sake of fictitious national security.

The objective of this decision, is to widen the east west rift further, and escalate it to full scale war.

What to do about this?

Don’t help achieve that objective. Don’t resort to violence. Develop might, but keep it defensive in nature. Improve internal security. Most importantly, stop selling out, at all levels. Go by right and wrong, not by ‘whats in it for me’.

The world and all its resources are subject to cultural influence, not modern warfare. Stop absorbing western culture blindly. Accept positive elements, reject negative ones. Remember who you are, live by it and die by it. Stand for the values that Aafia represents. Be more Islamic, and be proud of it. Excel at what you do. Realize that as Muslims, we need to watch out for ourselves. Protect each other n those around you. Don’t be a sell-out – stand up for what is right.

In the stream of events in this story – not one person in power, US or Pakistan alike, had the integrity to come forward and say ‘No – we will not be a part of this’. During our everyday lives, there are several situations , where we can take a stand, and we refuse to do so – that is where we are wrong. This is our country, our values and our nation and our women n children. We have to protect them.

Don’t hate non-Muslims – inspire them to Islam by being true Muslims, (not sold-out entertainment addicts) as Aafia has done all her life. Even in standing trial, she has laid bare the true nature of those in power in the US – their own people are turning against Islamic racism. Most importantly – get rid of your sell-out leadership ASAP, both in civil and military/intelligence ranks.

Do share with people, so that they know the real Aafia Siddiqui, esp. non Muslims. Comments and related material appreciated.


Pakistan – flood or WMD attack – HAARP

Peace everyone.

This blog is a continuation of my last writing on the Pakistan flood, and aims towards exposing the real reason behind the flood.

‘Stated’ reasons – Holes in the story

A months worth of research over the internet proves that the flood in Pakistan was an unnatural disaster. Several reasons for the flood have been quoted – melting of ice on the mountainous glaciers of the NWFP, unprecedented rainfall, overflow of water within the rivers. Now lets take all three reasons in perspective. The  map on the right shows exactly where it all started, and where it stands, as of August 25 2010.

1. Flood origin

As you an see, the flood originated in the north western, mountainous region, where there are NO major rivers, only minor tributaries. It has clearly been initiated by excessive rainfall within the northwestern NWFP region (where it scarcely rains all year), which in turn led to a swelling of the tributaries, and a mass dump of water into the Indus.

2. Islamabad ‘exempted’

The real ‘act of God’ is not the flood, more alarmingly, it is more like the water flow almost ignored Islamabad on purpose. despite being massively flooded (red areas) on both northern and southern sides, Islamabad was still not effected in a major manner, which further proves that the unnatural rainfall took place in TWO places, and not just one – both in NWFP, as well as south of Islamabad (Punjab). A natural rainstorm flood would conventionally make its way from NWFP, directly over Islamabad to the red Punjab areas, based on the water flow, and not flood/rain in  ‘specific’ places.

3. No authentic rain forecasts

Care should be taken that no authentic forecast whatsoever was made regarding the quantity of the rainfall, its date expectancy or the river overflow during July/August. even a light drizzle in Karachi is forecast a full week before it actually happens, thanks to advanced weather forecasting and the internet. Somehow, no one saw 10 days worth of rain coming, that too in a region where it scarcely rains, if at all.Why? because it was artificial, not natural.

4. No imagery of ice caps melting over the NWFP mountain range

I have yet to see any footage of which ice caps melted, and where the flood started. Ive been trying to find any video of the storm initiation, which may show the electrical discharges that i’m expecting, there are no videos of how it all began, anywhere. If someone can find videos of the initiation of the flood/ice melting in the mountain ranges, please share links here.

5. No history of ice melts over NWFP range in the last 100 years

There has been no incident of mountainous ice-cap release into the NWFP tributaries (which are only a few, it is mostly dry land) during the past 100 years. somehow , it just ‘happens’ right when Americas ‘war on terror’ on our home soil is at its peak, and so is US propaganda about Pakistan ‘double dealing’ on both sides of the table.

6. No release of excess water by Indian authorities

4 out of our seven rivers come from India. contrary to popular belief, the flood map clearly shows that none of the flood water came from India, the areas near the four main rivers remain largely un-affected. Therefore, the excess water never came from India, it came from pure rainfall.

So how exactly do you create a rainfall equivalent of a flood that effects 20 million lives, 12.5% of Pakistan’s population? more importantly, why would someone do it?

HOW – Introducing HAARP

During world war II, a man by the name of Nikolai Tesla (Russian) did several experiments into electricity, electromagnetism and the ionosphere. His purpose -to create a machine that could control the weather. This was later adapted into several weapon technologies over the course of time. However, democratic developments over the recent years have seen the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – the name given by US) drive go-non-public, and classified, as controlling the weather is considered ‘defiance of God’ by common folk, as 94% of the world still believes in God.

So in your common newspaper terms, research on HAARP has long been stopped. Well, this isn’t your common newspaper. And research on HAARP has not been stopped, it has been PERFECTED, and the Pakistan flood is NOT its first use. A US military base capable of producing over 1 billion watts of electrical discharge is now fully functional and active at Alaska (picture given).

Both Russia, and the US harbor this technology, and the tsunami that took out the entire Allied Navy 5th division near Indonesia, was NOT an act of God (2004), it was an act of Mother Russia. So was Hurricane Katrina(US Oil refineries-2005), and so is this Pakistan flood,only that this time, its got US/Alaska written all over it. So now, we have two Superpowers with HAARP, Russia primary, US secondary ;) .

The following video teaches you all you need to know about how it works. HAARP activity can be detected by military radio-wave scanning technologies – so i’m pretty sure that our MI, ISI and the office of our COAS are aware of radio-wave irregularities during the past month in the heavy rainfall regions. I IMPLORE authorities to make such data public, so that HAARP usage as a weapon of mass destruction can be proved, condemned and stopped for good.

Project BlueBeam – All about HAARP

WHY (Why not)

So, now we know that HAARP was used. But why would any superpower, US or otherwise, use such advanced technology over a third world nation like Pakistan? In order to analyze who broke the jar, we need to find out who wants the cookies. Certain elements within the US military and their Israeli allies cant wait to get their hands on Pakistan, and establish a permanent base of ops in South Asia, with Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal at their disposal. But as long as Pakistan is a responsible, functional and independent democracy, this cannot be achieved. The only way to gain excuse to enter Pakistan is to prove that its a FAILED STATE.

This is being achieved using the following means :

1.Corrupt governance installed
2. Army focus diluted over various fronts
3. Cultural influence perpetrated
4. Common man segregated from all forms of patriotism by increasing everyday issues to a level where they can help no one but themselves
5. economics disrupted.
6. provincial infrastructure disrupted.
7. ‘Terrorism’ label installed on helpless country via installed intelligence agencies and covert ops.

The flood plays an ideal role in bring all this about – Pakistan cannot recover to where it was (pre-flood) for the next 5 years. which is plenty of time to dismember it completely. The best part about using HAARP is that despite being a weapon of mass destruction that effected 12.% of our population (20 million people) -a greater area of effect than a nuclear bomb by a factor of 40, there is no way to blame the perpetrator. As the masses are ‘taught’ to believe that all ‘natural disasters’ are acts of God. So please, blame God, not the US/HAARP – while the actual ‘saints’ get away with it ;)

What can we do?

The only act of God for this world, is to let human beings exercise free will here, so that they can be graded accordingly. Pakistanis, people of the US, and all good people need to wake up to that, and DO something about whats going on around them, instead of waiting for God to save them all the time.

All nations and societies should file petitions in ALL institutes of law and justice worldwide, against all patents related to HAARP/weather control (listed at the pakialertpress link given at the end of the article). The UN should classify HAARP and associated research  as WMD and force both superpowers to relinquish this technology before we all end up losing a planet. The Alaska HAARP facility must be shut down, and so should any such installations that are Russian or otherwise.

Please share as much as you can. Comments, more media footage regarding the flood, HAARP and suggestions more than welcome. Please help float to country’s military/ intelligence circles. Dedicated to the innocent, clueless people outlined the the following video, and helping them achieve self-preservation. Please mute the video while watching it- the soundtrack is crappy, and ethnic.

HAARP used as WMD in Pakistan

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