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Peace everyone,

This website is a collection of all my’ infamous’ writings, be it current affairs, politics, money markets, software etc. Objective is to get all my writings under a self owned domain to prevent the  loss/dead links on third party sites later. Also, censorship is becoming a major issue with third party portals like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I’ll be doing my writings at multiple places, n all those looking to get them at a single, uncensored repository can use this site.

This site contains facts – especially those which are kept hidden from the masses on purpose. Why? because every human being has the right to free access to ALL information that may concern them and their surroundings, either directly or indirectly.

Due to the nature of the facts stated at this website, their previous publishings at third party portals have been blocked/banned in various places, but sadly, electrical ignitions spread more when water is thrown at them. Feel free to use it as a resource. You’d  need to have an account to post comments. If you’re having any trouble using the site, please email me at z@expleos.com

If you want to help further the cause of this website:

1. keep your cash to yourself

2. prefer local goods to imports/international brands

3. promote facts given here, anywhere, everywhere – in every possible way.

Keep in touch guys,


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