Facebook qualifies for its biggest lawsuit yet – Draw Muhammad Day

facebook-lawsuitDespite 15000+ reports of this group being a racist, provocative activity, facebook has failed to remove the page ‘Draw Muhammad day’(Muhammad being the prophet of Islam) from existence owing to its ‘popularity ’ within certain regions of the US. People fail to notice however, that Islam is the second most popular religion within the US, and this group directly perpetrates a ‘hate crime’ on 7.13 million US citizens alone – 2.17% of the total US population (let alone 24% of the entire world population, 1627.31 million people – est.2008). I can see a clear lawsuit forming up here. Freedom of speech?

Please – not knowing the law of the state you live in is no excuse for violating it. Here’s a summary of just how many criminal offenses have been perpetrated by the publisher (facebook), the group starter(Molly Norris), and its ‘image’ contributors (1300+).

Incitement of violence  under public order act – 1986 c4 (UK)

penalty – removal of content, fine, imprisonment – or both

Patriot act – Public Law 107-56 – content in violation of publishing qualification, as it aims towards incitement of violence by minority Muslim groups within the jurisdiction of the United states. Content to be removed immediately under sections 201-225 – as it does not fall under the ECPA (electric communications privacy act) under its provocative nature, and qualifies for a precedent to a national security threat.

Penalties- removal/censorship of electronic information, inquisition /isolation of involved parties, including originator (the person that started this group, to address the motives behind it) and publisher (facebook itself).Limitation of publisher’s publishing rights for definite/indefinite term until proper regulations can be set up to ensure no repeated instances occur.

1969 Federal Civil Rights Law – qualifies for a ‘hate crime’- implies federal prosecution under 18 U.S.C. § 245 – “the US government shall prosecute in court anyone who willingly injures, intimidates or interferes with another person, or attempts to do so, by force because of the other person’s race, color, religion or national origin”.

US Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (1994)28 U.S.C. § 994 – increases penalties of hate crimes to the level of federal crimes and crimes against the State.

Penalties – refer to the patriot act, 18 U.S.C. § 245.

1341 photos to date-  that’s around 1300+ instances of a criminal offense, which also include pictures of dicks labeled ‘Muhammad’. And they all have one publisher in common – facebook. So unless this group is shut down before the 20th of May, I see no reason why facebook and all involved parties should not be sued in a federal court of law for supporting content that not only breaches human rights, but also qualifies for a hate crime, and instigates 2.17 % of the US population creating a possible threat towards the national security of the State itself. This situation of ignorance shown by facebook moderators is similar to the ‘should Obama be killed’ poll that went unnoticed till it became public – started over facebook (2nd instance) around 6 months ago.

Comments welcome – this issue compliments my last article about content regulation over the internet, and its absolute necessity. There are better ways of creating tolerance among Muslim extremists groups- sexual pictures labeled in the name of their Prophet wont help, trust me.

Link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Everybody-Draw-Mohammed-Day/121369914543425?ref=ts

Gier - self proclaimed starter of 'Everybody draw muhammad day'  group at facebook.Latest Updates – 19/5/2010 – ‘benefactor revealed’

Molly Norris confirms on her website that she did not create the ‘Everybody draw Muhammad day’ group at facebook. Though it was her idea, she realizes her mistake, admits her fault and implores other people not to endorse this defamatory activity. For complete details on what she has to say, read her website here.

So if she didn’t start it, who did? A self proclaimed ‘Muslim Cyber Army‘ group from facebook has allegedly claimed that this group has been started by a Norwegian atheist by the name of Geir Angeltveit. Geir has indirectly claimed responsibility at the parent thread, EDMD at a discussion labelled ‘they singled me out’. Interestingly, Gier is now ‘asking’ people at the EDMD group to ‘report Muslim Cyber army’ as a hate group, for revealing his identity. Well done Mr. Geir- your group is officially the most reported group at facebook in the past two days, and yet you still did not refrain from your activities. Ironic – if it isn’t the pot calling the kettle black – as they might put it in the west.

Let us hope that this identity revelation brings this fiasco to a  halt, and that such incidents are not repeated in the future. Do report the group/profile at facebook if you concur that this mode of conduct is inappropriate.  Peace,  n prayers for everyone.


Latest Updates – 19/5/2010 – ‘Pakistan bans facebook till May 31st-2010, Facebook loses 6.8 million users in a  day owing to non-removal of EDMD’
By virtue of court proceedings against a petition filed in the Lahore High Court (LHC), the court has ordered facebook to be banned all over Pakistan till May 31st, 2010 – until a proper decision can be derived for following up legally against this defamatory act against Islam/Muslim States. This has been implemented throughout Pakistan by the Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA).

According to checkfacebook.com , 4% of Pakistan (6.8 million people) uses facebook. Let us hope facebook admins actually start considering it a serious matter, for the Islamic republic of Pakistan most certainly does. Also, the international community should come forward and detest this act, which, if made a standard practice using ‘Freedom of speech’ as an excuse,  is a threat to the self respect and sanctity of all nations, religions and races.

Even by principles of democracy, something that pleases less than 50,000 people, and offends 6.8 million (actually it offends a lot more people than that)  – and does NOT have any positive effect on society, doesn’t really have grounds for existence.  There are better ways of exercising freedom of speech, this is not one of them.

Read more on the court order here.


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