Blasts and illegal smuggling of weaponry in Pakistan

a pre-dated blast in peshawar, may 09Most of the people just can’t get over bomb blasts that keep happening ‘randomly’ in civilian areas of our country. The assailants are always labeled as ‘suicide terrorists’ to help reduce the paperwork, and further investigation by our incompetent law enforcement agencies. So, let’s get to the much  un-debated question – who’s behind this?

The Taliban – the extremists, the guys with the Muslim attire – they do it. Do we even stop to think about asking for evidence, ever? To date, NONE of these so called militant groups have taken responsibility for civilian based attacks on mosques and other civilian areas. Then who the f**k does it?

To understand who does it, it is imperative to identify the ‘motive’ behind any action. What does the assailant get out of it? The truth is, the only thing created out of these assaults is a negative sentiment for Islam, and those following it. It also creates a sense of isolation between the cultures of our north western, and south-eastern areas, and makes it easier for us to say that the north western people are not one of us, and that the military should wipe the area clean.

So, concluding the crap, it helps divide our nation into two groups, which are not supposed to be there to begin with -

1. The mediocre ‘Muslims’, moderate ones (those who have little to do with Islam, people like me n you, mostly submerged into western culture)

2. The ‘Extremists’, People still following prevalent Islamic cultures, without the ideology behind them (north westerners). Neither of the two parties is completely right, but the error lies in identifying the latter as terrorists on the whole.

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a lot of pathans/afghans/north westerners in my lifetime, and I’ve found them to be quite better than most people living in the rural areas. They just tend to be a bit more united, brave, hard working and self-respective than all the other ‘sold-out’ creeds of Pakistan. N that is probably why they are being targeted in the first place, as they are the most motivated in terms of the self defense of our nation.

Ok, so now we know that external forces are doing this, to divide us, and justify their intrusion into our territory. How can this be stopped?

It’s pretty simple if you evaluate it forensically. Lets take the Peshawar market blast as an example. 150kgs of explosives, in a car. Where exactly do you get 150 kgs of explosives? From a street peddler? That can be a start. The investigators (if they exist, at all) should obtain a complete record of arms/ammunition sales within the past 6 months, made within the vicinity of peshawar. Raid every arms dealer in Peshawar, if you have to. The kind of explosives used could not be sold by more than a handful of sources within Peshawar– 150kgs worth of compact explosives is not your cup of tea. All the existing cartel, illegal ammunitions mafia, and squealers within it, should HELP narrow down the process, as its also an attack on the pushtoon as a whole.

Once that is done, you need to trace payments made, down to the very last account. We live in a world of serialled currency notes, and bank account transparency that can help you track down zardari’s assets down to the very last cent, so tracking the payments for these explosives should not take more than 48 hours once you find the vendor.

Third, issue non-bailable warrants for the purchasing company, the ministry, the embassy, and anyone involved, and keep them in strict remand until they squeal, or die, in the process of interrogation – its pretty much justified to kill 1 or two people whilst seeking justice for the death of 92 innocents. N in the process, stop worrying about what happens next, the worst has already happened in our case, we don’t have much else to lose.

But does anyone really want to do it? NO. because the media, the army, the police, everyone is PAID NOT TO DO IT. Take an example. Benazirs murder – FFS – even the UN is involved. Do they investigate? NO. why? Because the party benefiting from her death and non-pursuance of the investigation, pays a lot better, and because the person who has most benefited from her death happens to be the President  of Pakistan, and her husband, Asif Ali Zardari. You don’t need to do an investigation to find out who is responsible, just prosecute the guy who benefited the most, and has the biggest criminal record in Pakistan’s history on grey cash. Proof? Justice doesn’t need proof in this case, plain logic is quite enough. Looking for proof for an ex-con who pays best is best suited to sellouts, propaganda makers and cronies.

In short, people and the media should pay more attention to retribution of such actions, than just the news and the death toll game, plus helping out the victims AFTER such things happen. TWICE as much effort should be put into finding the guy(s) responsible, and make him pay in full, for what he did. By whatever means necessary. That’s what the public and the media should call out for, instead of asking for more incompetent security that is shit scared of dying themselves.

And here my two cents in the process. I happen to have singled out the parties responsible for all that’s happening, just by reading the news daily. It appears that the US army/embassy, under the hood of the interior ministry and OUR military, has been importing illegal weapons into Pakistan since February 09. Considering my theory of ‘who benefits the most’ from these explosions, it’s quite easy to put two and two together, and say that these bombs, these incidents are brought about by US power groups and agencies, via Our military, our agencies and our sellouts within the interior ministry, to help facilitate their militaristic presence on our soil, to help label Pushtoons as Taliban, and our territory as terrorist land. Am I being paranoid? Check out these links, before jumping to conclusions…

What to do about it? Just say NO to it. No more emigration, civilian or military. Mo more fighting other peoples wars. Our first priority, our people. Good, bad, extremists or moderates, STILL, OUR PEOPLE, FIRST. Sanctity of their homes, their property and their lives. If we can’t do that, we are not a country to begin with.

Until we get things settled for them, no wars for nobody, at whatever the cost. And it all starts with saying it, accepting facts and speaking against it, propagating this ideology among our unknowing masses. Float this around as much as you can. Questions and comments are more than welcome.


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