‘US’ interests in Pakistan

The real incentive behind ‘US relations’ with Pakistan
This has been debated over the past 20 years now, but people have always called it a conspiracy theory. First, it needs to be understood that the US is also run by a lobby , a fixed, power hungry set of people, who do NOT represent the entire US people. Those controlling the US (not the US people itself) wish to use Pakistan as a launchpad, and a permanent base of ops for a 21st century, cold war style INVASION of Asian powers. The nuclear warheads, the grants, the military assistance, the continual aids (on both sides, Afghanistan is funded to create an excuse for entering Pakistan, and Pakistan is counter-funded to battle these issues, so as to keep the relations with Pakistan friendly and non-aggressive). Even the construction of the Gwadar port during the Musharraf regime, it all adds up like clockwork. Facts? As if we still need any. Here’s something that is called the ‘roadmap to the Middle East, 2010’ – and ATM its ahead of schedule. Take a look.
map of ME - 2010

The source is an EU journal, the map is a MILITARY map. I didn’t make it myself. Link given. And for all those people who think this a conspiracy theory from someone’s kitchen, it was made at least 30 years ago, and it went public on the internet in 2006. 3 years, and the Muslim leadership hasn’t recovered from its tequila hangover to accept the facts.

Link: http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/1280

Pakistan – the nuclear power –ready to nuke an ideology
Pakistan has been into its nuclear program since 1957 – 1957 FFS, people didn’t even have proper homes here by then, the migration process was hardly settled. Why the hell does it need to make nukes anyway? India? Bullshit. Neither of the two can use nukes due to proximity, even in open war, it’s a stalemate.
Face the facts, monkeys. We ahvent made 90+ warheads at 7 different locations in the past 60 years to fend off India. N it wasn’t made outta your measly tax money either. Pakistan makes nukes, because that’s what it was created for. Its weapon programs are funded by US based AND International agencies from behind the curtain – it will NEVER be made public. To threaten, and nuke locations within Middle East/Asia, as it happens to be at the very centre of the joint with two ports to match. Islamic Ideology? Please, never was, never will be. Divide and rule, right from the start.

That is why it was created, that is why it’s being sustained. To help malign the name of Islam as an extreme and unacceptable system of life, using an Islamic country to fire nukes (labeling it as a security breach, terrorist action, or whatever) is the best bet of putting the entire world against Islamic ideology, and take over Asia, at the same time.

Am I being skeptical again? Tell that to Wikipedia, the facts match out perfectly.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pakistan_and_WMD

Suicide bombings
Why do you think suicide bombers are trained by agencies anyway? It’s hardly a feasible way of carrying out assassinations. Too much media exposure, too much collateral damage. And the worst part is that the target has a high chance of escape, as the proximity required for suicide attack is ridiculous. Snipers were invented in world wars – you don’t need a suicide attacker to kill someone, you can do it from 50 miles away with one bullet. The suicide bomber is there for just one thing – to make you say – “Islam is an extremist religion” – and to deter you from it.

WHOs behind all this
The fact of the matter is that the US, EU or any specific country is not behind this. It’s all basically a result of power plays, greed and monetary gain, which keep taking place over the face of the earth. Everyone, you and me included, wants increase their sphere of influence. This nature can instinctively grow to massive proportions. In extreme cases it gives rise to situations like the present worldwide ‘rid the world of Islamic governments’ campaign, or people like Hitler. There is no stopping this process, and it’s useless to blame a nation based on the acts of a few people in power.

The only way to survive it is to be capable of self defense and self-preservation, not by making nukes, but by being independent economically. Unfortunately, bribery, corruption, lack of patriotism, and complete disassociation from Islam are the causes of the incapability of our leadership today – Saudi Arab-> Iran-> Pakistan-> Afghanistan alike. No research, no economy, no production. Just weapons, sellout of natural resources, and a 10 generation line of Muslims who know how to sleep, fuck, eat incessantly. Oh yes, some of us pray a little too, to make the bad stuff go away, all by itself, without doing anything against it.
So, whos behind all this? I am. And you are too, if you call yourself a Muslim. Muslims are responsible for the world around them, if something is amiss, it is our responsibility to rectify it. We’re just too incompetent and lazy to get things done – that is why we’re headed for disposal.zardari Allah doesn’t do anything for people who don’t do anything for the greater good of mankind. So quit blaming Jews, US, and admit that you just don’t have what it takes to be at the top. Lack of determination, will to progress, self respect, and sense of purpose, following corruption as a religion and having a good time, all the time –these are the real reasons behind all that is going on. Need an example?

“What’s the way forward? How do we address this? What can we do? We’re just normal people, we can’t change anything….”

I hear that shit all the time, friends, relatives, parents, siblings, media people, even elected representatives.

Simple. You don’t do shit, just go about your routine, and keep believing some mofos gonna come n fix it all up again for you. And nothing changes, pawns stay pawns.

The solution is to do as much as you can to PREVENT such things from happening. Write, vote, speak out. Do as much as you can. Protest. Stop using products that help economies that are favoring innocent Muslim killings all over the world. Use locally manufactured goods. Teach your children the right facts. Make them aware of the situation around them. Don’t feed them the crap you’ve been fed all along. Read between the lines when relating to media info. Don’t digest it, as is. Interact with people all over the world, learn to see things through their eyes. Get them to focus on your issues, relate to them. Help them with their issues, they will help you with yours. Learn to mutually co-exist, be a source of benefit to others. Stop thinking you’re the best – you never were, and with that attitude, you never will be. Efficient production – don’t sit around and eat, all the time. Do something constructive. Create jobs, be as ‘employed’ economically as possible. Be an economic force to reckon with, like China or India. Do stuff for your country, and I don’t mean shoving taxes down the throat of our favorite cronies. Help people lead better lives.

Pakistan is not the only nation suffering at the hands of sold out leadership, the US is, too. But their people are doing far better as they know how to fight their own battle, you don’t.
Now will you do all that? Give up your next glass of PEPSI to help save a life, or eat at a local restaurant instead of shoving a Mc’donalds down? Or say something against that smily president of ours? I don’t think so. It’s not because you fear counteraction – that’s just your excuse. You just won’t do it, because you’re too busy wasting your time with ‘entertainment’ and your everyday life. Which shows that we are just individuals, and were never a nation to begin with.

Have a good time while you can, it’s not gonna last very long, unless you realize that your country lives through you. N you can start by throwing this blog around, as much as you can.

Comments/constructive questions welcome.

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